Design Philosophy Betsy Anderson Interiors & Co.

Design Philosophy

Your home is your respite. It is your vision of serenity, imbued with beauty and comfort. Each house we design is individual. Each project is an opportunity to create spaces that our clients love, offering professional expertise while also attending to clients’ preferences.

We are known for the integration of architecture and interior design and have a reputation for richly textured rooms.

A house does not have to have only one style. We love to create contrast by taking something old and introducing contemporary elements. Artwork is always evident in our practice - lithographs, watercolors, and French reliefs combined with a mix of 20th Century furniture and illuminated by modern lighting.

We always unify space with color, achieving a cohesive flow throughout the home. We use a palette rich in quiet creams, beiges and soft grays, and accented with pale blues, apricots, and honey leather. We strive to create an ambiance of calm and peace.